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Source Piece A:

A.1 by Carola Schaal and Sonja Schmid:

A.14 by Carola Schaal:

A.5 by Dong Zhou:

A.6 by Oli Wendland & Aalemarie:

A.12 by FS Blumm:

A.2.1 by Pedro González Fernández:

A.9 by Rene Huthwelker

A.2 by Jonathan Shapiro:

A.3 by Leopold Hurt:

A.4 by Evy Schubert:

A.10 by Alexander Schubert:

A.13 by Lena Biresch:

A.8 by Donny Karsadi:

A.15 Charlotte Bösling
A.7 by Olivia Newton John:

A.16 by Robert Weiss:

A.7B by Olivia Newton John:
A.18 by Toon Callier:

A.23 by Seth Shafer:

A.2.2 by incite:
A.22 [Victor Barceló]:

A.19 [Gustavo Chab]:

A.17 by Ulli Bassange:
A.20 [Lucia Kilger]:

A.21 [Frau Kraushaar]:

SP A.14.1 by Raphael Vanoli:

A.20 [Seth Shafer]:

A.28 [Maze]:

A.25 [Niklas Seidl]:

A.29 [Schaal/Horwitz]:

A.28 [Please Say Something]:

Alexander Schubert - Source Piece A
Carola Schaal & Sonja L. Schmid - you&I (SP A.1)
Jonathan Shaprio - Silent Posts A.2
Pedro González Fernández - Silent Posts A.2.1
Leopold Hurt - Silent Posts A.3
Evy Schubert - Welcome to Afterlife (SP A.4)
Dong Zhou - How Do I Watch a Piece by A. Schubert? (SP A.5)
Oli Wendland & Aalemarie - An der Leine (SP A.6)
Olivia Newton John - Free Hugs (SP A.7)
Olivia Newton John - Free Hugs Short Film (SP A.7.1)
playstiq - Free Hugs (SP A.7.1.1)
Donny Karsadi - Maze Gohan ( 混ぜご飯 ) (SP A.8)
Rene Huthwelker - Silent Posts A.9
Alexander Schubert - It Was Not An Easy Situation (SP A.10)
Jan Henrik Schimkus - Ghost Post (SP A.11)
FS Blumm - Silent Posts A.12
Lena Biresch - Remixchen (SP A.13)
Carola Schaal - Ruth (SP A.14)
Charlotte Bösling - SP A.15
Robert Weiss - Silent Post A.-1.n (SP A.16)
Ulli Bassenge - SP A.17
Toon Callier - Obis for Alex (SP A.18)
Gustavo Chab - SP A.19
Lucia Kilger - SP A.20
Frau Kraushaar - How to write Yellow (SP A.21)
Victor Barceló - SP A.22
Seth Shafer - Sp A.23
Incite - Morning Gymnastic - Jonathan Online (SP A.2.2)
Niklas Seidl - PET_LOST_SIN (SP A.25)
Raphael Vanoli - Glissement (SP A.14.1)
Carola Schaal - line[dot]stop (SP A.10.1)
Elisa Andessner - BETWEEN TIME AND SPACE_7 (SP A.26)
Żaneta Rydzewska - so forth and so forth (SP A.27)
Maze Festival - SP A.28
Carola Schaal & Heinrich Horwitz - About Needs (SP A.29)
Neo Percussion - „Stop fire, stop fire…“ (SP A.30)
„Please Say Something“ (SP A.31)

impressum - (c) Alexander Schubert